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Can I rent a dunk tank to set up indoors?

Answer: Yes and No. Dunk tanks are designed to be set up outdoors. A water source and hose will need to reach the tank to fill. The dunk tank then has to be drained. While using a dunk tank, water will splash out. Your indoor facility would have to have drains on the...

Can I rent a bounce house by me?

Answer: Yes. Jumping Bean Party Rental has many different sizes, colors, and    themes to choose from. These are commercial grade units that can be delivered, set up and picked up.

Can I rent a photo booth for my party or event?

Answer: Yes. There are traditional photo booths (the real deal), then there are those who rent a camera with a screened in make shift room. Our booths are the real thing and come with everything from customization to unlimited black and white and color...
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